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What is Histon like for young families?

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MarshaMarsha44 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:52:06

Hi all,

My husband and I are looking at moving to Histon from the Mill Road area with our one year old. I have heard really good things about it but wanted to get views of people who live there or know it well. Is there much for young families and a good sense of community? As its a way out of Cambridge it would be good to have things locally to do without having to drive. What are the schools like? Any negatives or anywhere to avoid?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Wingingit15 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:37:37

Histon is lovely. The closer you can love to the Green the better imho. Lovely cafe (the Geographer) and also the St. Andrews one is family friendly. Couple of good pubs with food (including the Boot - Raymond Blanca associated I think). Nice playground with ducks at the green. Also playground at the Rev next to Histon fc ground. The village college has a sports centre and pool open to public. Guided bus stop in Histon too. As with everywhere traffic a bit monstrous rush hour into the city centre.

mastertomsmum Mon 05-Nov-18 13:53:15

Histon is fine if you drive/own a car, otherwise it's too far out. That said the buses are ok and as a non driver I do regularly visit friends without too much difficulty.

In terms of looking ahead to secondary school then a main reason to move would be to be in catchment for Impington Village College. If you are off Mill Rd then your catchment schools are Parkside or Coleridge. The latter sometimes divides opinion. About 1/3 of our Romsey Town primary school went for Netherhall in order to avoid Coleridge.

Regarding primaries in Histon. It may still be the case that they have an infant and junior school set up rather then a straight primary. If so, they have different uniforms, which is really silly. Also, the infants were so over subscribed in recent years that some infants classes actually were actually in the junior school. But, I think the schools were well regarded.

In Histon the houses are larger but mostly less characterful than those off Mill Rd. I'm an urban kinda creature, so it wouldn't suit me and part of my qualm would be that it's not too different from Cherry Hinton in the sense that it's a long bus ride away, is a big village and has a fair amount of modern housing. From my perspective that's the suburbs supplanted to the countryside.

But ... if you don't feel like that it has The Geographer, a football ground, some shops etc, good schools, affordable houses, churches and so on.

For me Mill Rd has it all and I can live with the minor downsides of that. The house prices have gone down a bit but they are never very low - not since the 90s anyhow.

Wingingit15 Mon 05-Nov-18 19:26:21

Yeah the schools are great. As is pre school Ladybirds.
It’s very different to Mill road but (id say) for the better. You are getting a lovely villagey areA to raise your kid with more space. It’s not like cherry Hinton at all (i lived in both) - Chinton is essentially outskirts of Cambridge and (IMO) doesn’t have much character.
Personally if you’re ready to move away from the city centre I’d say it is a great lifestyle choice to be heading to Histon.

Boakes Wed 14-Nov-18 18:28:37

Can people tell me what's it like around Kendall Way, Chesterton? For families? Thanks

Wingingit15 Thu 15-Nov-18 12:55:33

I don’t really know that area sorry x

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