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Wedding Witness

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GladyGladys Tue 30-Oct-18 11:56:59

Hello all,

I am getting married at Shire Hall in Cambridge on 28/12 and was wondering if anyone would like to come and be a witness for us?! We aren't having any family or friends, just the two of us, so hoping to find some willing helpers!


EmmaGrundyForPM Sun 04-Nov-18 17:23:19

I've always wanted to do this as I work for CCC! Unfortunately though CCC is closing down for the 3 days between Christmas and New Year so no one is working then (apart from the Registrar!). So I won't be in Cambridge that day. I hope you find someone and congratulations.

GladyGladys Wed 07-Nov-18 10:52:59

Oh that is a shame - hope you enjoy your time off though, and thank you for your reply!

JennyWreny Sun 18-Nov-18 11:38:49

Are you still looking for someone @GladysGladys ?

GladyGladys Tue 27-Nov-18 13:37:44

Hi @JennyWreny. Yes, we are still looking for two people, so would be very pleased if you are available!

JennyWreny Tue 27-Nov-18 20:04:58

I am definitely available and would love to be one of your witnesses! Do you want to PM me some more details?

DorothyParker111 Tue 27-Nov-18 21:47:59

@Jenny depending on what time the ceremony is, I would be delighted to help out. PM if you are interested.

DorothyParker111 Tue 27-Nov-18 21:49:06

Sorry, that was supposed to be @gladys but the offer still stands!

GladyGladys Wed 28-Nov-18 12:57:32

Unfortunately @DorothyParker111 cannot make it, so I am still looking for one more person to join @JennyWreny if anyone is free?

GladyGladys Mon 24-Dec-18 19:02:33

We are still looking for one more person, so if anyone can spare an hour on Friday afternoon, we would be very grateful!

FizzPopping Mon 24-Dec-18 20:16:10

Bump! I'm at the wrong end of the country but hope someone else can help.

Best wishes for your big day!

andaverygoodtimeitwas Tue 25-Dec-18 16:13:57

Hi @GladyGladys, I think I can help! Could you PM me the time?

JennyWreny Fri 28-Dec-18 17:43:14

Huge congratulations to GladysGladys and MrGladyGladys - a lovely wedding!!! I hope you found somewhere nice for dinner and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Also nice to meet andaverygoodtimeitwas

ShalomJackie Sat 29-Dec-18 16:11:23

Ooh did it happen!? Lovely

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