c-section at Addenbrookes

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mamabirdy Mon 29-Oct-18 16:37:31

Hi, there. Was wondering what people's experience of a planned c-section were at Addenbrookes. I would like to delay the cut of the cord until it stops pulsating, go immediately to skin-to-skin, and maintain contact with my baby whilst being transferred from the OR to the maternity ward. Is any of this possible there? What's the typical protocol? Thank you!

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Wingingit15 Thu 01-Nov-18 19:55:15

It’s pretty leisurely imo. You wait in a little lounge with the other couples booked in for electives (there were two other couples when we were there). I’m not sure about delayed cord clamping but you can definitely ask ! They ask if you want to hold lo when they are born and you can cuddle them when you’re being transferred (you are taken first to a recovery area for a while then onto the lady Mary Ward). I didn’t feel up to holding as was a bit sick so she was wheeled round in a little cot next to me.
Just a little tip - the lady Mary Ward is pretty bright lights overnight as they are doing ward rounds and obs24/7 so if you can bring an eye mask thing. It’s also very warm depending on time of year.

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