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Looking for baby/toddler groups

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Louise2424 Mon 29-Oct-18 07:37:04

Hi all, looking forward to moving to Hengoed over the christmas period and I wondered if anyone could suggest any baby/toddler groups in and around the area? I have one DS who will be around 12 months when we move.
Where I currently live I try to do something every day and the kind of things I currently go to are things like soft play, family time (a group which is basically a play group for babies/toddles where they can do activities and they get a snack etc), bounce n rhyme which is singing nursery rhymes in a local library, baby massage in the local maternity hospital, dancin tots which is in a local community hall where they play music and have a bubble machine and they sing songs and just go mad lol.
Going to these things keeps both me and DS sane as he is a very very active and inquisitive little thing, so really hoping that there will be lots of these kinds of activities to take him to. Am more than happy to travel up to about 30 mins. Money will be quite tight so hoping that the cost will be around the same as currently; about £2-3 per group.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm not sure how else to find out what/where groups are!
Thanks guys

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