Better Muswell Hill, Wimbledon or Richmond with 2yo twins?

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twinmumPS Sun 28-Oct-18 14:36:00

Dear All, hubby and I used to live in London, Islington, as a couple. After 2 years abroad, we are returning to London with our 2 year old twins. We found schools we like in Muswell Hill, Wimbledon and Richmond and cannot decide between those neighbourhoods. Where is nicest with kids? We are after a place where we can make friends with likeminded people with young children - somewhere that’s safe and family friendly but also with a restaurant or two for the occasional night out the two of us. Good playgrounds nearby too. Thank you for any advice.

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Racecardriver Sun 28-Oct-18 14:43:45

I really don’t like musswell hill. I don’t get why it’s so popular. That said my DH used to live there, went to school there etc and his family are very much Islington from about five to ten years ago types iyswim so you may like it because it’s similar in a way. Are you looking at Beaumont? It used to be very good andDH wanted to send out children there but thankfully we didn’t move back into London so I have no idea what it is like these days. Meswell hill I have moreup to date info. It’s frwat for kids who aren’t very bright and has a v v good active alumni network which opens a lot of opportunities.

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