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scorpionrunner Thu 25-Oct-18 20:35:04

Really after some help or any input and will try and keep this brief.
I moved here last month out of the area and after a very stressful time changing my daughters schools I finally got them both to Chalfont community college in Chalfont St Peter. I was told my South Bucks council spaces were available on the school bus at nearly £190.00 a month for both my daughters. Now at the last minute they have said they do not have the resources ( their words ) to issue me passes until December which I found astonishing. The local bus times do not work unless my kids go round the house and change buses which I do not want them to do.
Anyone know anyone want spare cash to be a taxi driver or does this kind of thing or any other suggestions ? I start my new job Nov 1st so pretty desperate but South Bucks have thrown this on me last week.
Single Dad here hope I am allowed on here . 

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