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Littlepuddleducks Mon 22-Oct-18 20:39:47

I am looking for any information from any families who live in High Barnet/New Barnet. We currently in Harringay and looking to relocate to High Barnet, we have DD who is nearly 4 and DS who is 14 months.

I love the area and schools seem good but my only slight reservation is lack of cafe culture and activities for young kids. Is there enough kids activities and baby/toddler groups? Is it easy to make new friends?

Thanks so much for any feedback!

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LondonMum2000 Sat 16-Feb-19 11:12:17


You may have already moved by now, but we live in the area and there's quite a lot going on for us. It's a little less crowded than Highgate etc. and we've liked the extra space. Lots of sports and drama clubs etc. and I think the ease of travelling around has made it easier for our DD to make friends.

Hope you get on ok

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