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Family Villages in N & M Warkwickshire **SEN**

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lubeau Sun 21-Oct-18 07:16:09

I need to relocate in a bit of a hurry so I'm looking for recommendations for my family to live in North & Mid Warwickshire - even over to Northamptonshire / Leicestershire borders.
My kids are 4 & 2 and eldest son is supposed to start school next September. He is ASD (still awaiting diagnosis) so I don't want to be a million miles away from SEN schooling (in case he needs it) and places I can take them for regular activities but in a village location as a city suburb isn't really suitable for him.

The budget is a bit tight but I'll take location over space - as long as my kids are happy.
In terms of work - I'm self employed but could do with being near areas where people have a decent disposable income. I might end up looking for different work once the kids are settled but I don't need to be near the motorway particularly (I'm hoping that saves me some ££)
Can anyone recommend areas or even where to avoid around
- Leamington
- Warwick
- Rugby
- Hinckly
- Nuneaton
- East Northamptonshire

Thank you in advance for any and all help and advice!

lubeau Mon 22-Oct-18 06:43:11

Anyone please? We are desperate for any advice!! x

MissMarplesKnitting Mon 22-Oct-18 06:49:53

There's special needs schools in Nuneaton and one in Warwick/Leamington borders.

WRT SEN schooling, it's not something easily accessed without quite severe needs. Most ASD kids in the area attend mainstream.

I live in S Warks and know one lad who attends the Nuneaton school, nearly an hour away. It took 5 years for his parents to get him moved there. That diagnosis band ECHP will be key for you.

Nuneaton and Rugby are the cheaper areas, Warwick and Leamington more expensive house wise.

Outside Warwickshire, Hinckley and Northants are definitely cheaper too, different counties so SEN provision will be potentially different and I'm not familiar with the areas so much.

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