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Immigrating to the UK

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CarrieBibby Thu 18-Oct-18 14:19:39

Hi Everyone, I am new to the mumsnet site I thought I would join because I see parents give others parents some really good advise about so much different topics and concerns us parents have with regards to everything especially our children. Let me introduce myself my name is Carrie and I am planning to immigrate to the UK from South Africa I am a British Citizen aswell. I am a single mom to an amazing 9 year old boy his name is Connor. I am applying for jobs in the UK in the following towns Bishops Stortford , Hemel Hempstead, Warrington , Ashington , Cheltenham , Wokingham I would like to know what areas would be good to live in these towns and also what good schools are there for my son to go to? Also which areas in these towns are close to public Transport and not far from schools or to travel. This is a BIG move so it is quiet overwhelming with regards to everything I need to consider so please I need as must help I can get and I would like to start to make friends and get to know people in the UK so when I do arrive in the UK I am not alone. Just curious does anyone attend a Old Apostolic church in any of these towns? smile

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