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Coffee morning.

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UrbanBRunch01 Thu 11-Oct-18 20:38:03

Hi i work for a coffee shop in yeovil and we are focused on making it easy for people to come in and feel comfortable that their children are looked after. We have been asked if we would be interested in starting a club where mums can come in and have drinks or lunch and their children if they wanted could play in an area dedicated. Just wanting to gather some thoughts on if people would be interested in the ideasmile

Tramadolmaybe Thu 11-Oct-18 20:41:12

Sounds like a lovely idea.
I’m assuming you’ll have the same time each week as a drop in?
Shame I’m so far away!

UrbanBRunch01 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:10:10

Hi! Yes we will figure a time that suits all so either lunch time or we could always stay open later if it suits after work! Yes that is a shamesad Just gathering ideas at the moment to see if anyone is interested! Thankyou for your commentsmile

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