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Help! Mums and newborns needed!

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Soby25 Wed 10-Oct-18 23:55:44

I was wondering if someone is able to help me with a situation. As part of my course that I'm currently studying (MSc Integrative Psychotherapy - Child and Adult), I need to do some infant observation on a newborn baby and the mother. It will be for 50 weeks (1 hour a week) and they need to be someone that I do not know or have any contact with in my personal life. The reason why I am required to do infant observations is to see the early ways of human development and to see how a baby grows and forms relationships. If you know anyone who will be giving birth now or has given birth in the last couple of weeks please ask them if they would be willing to help me with gaining some experience in order to progress with my course. If anybody is interested, I can then send them my paperwork once we have had some contact so they know what this is for and that I am legitimate. I would sincerely appreciate the support. I am based in Birmingham. Thank you.

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