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jofeb04 Wed 13-Jun-07 22:04:15

Any of you around??

doulamummy Wed 20-Jun-07 17:57:43

Hi Jo<
I am here

LiliAnjelika Mon 25-Jun-07 16:26:34


A third voice in the wilderness of local talk! Actually, I'm also looking for a nanny share or part time nanny/mother's help for Sept 07 onwards. Wouldn't mind knowing more about doulas too as my partner may not be around much during the birth of my second end of September?

doulamummy Tue 26-Jun-07 09:38:38

Hi LiliAnjelika,
Nice to hear from you.I have a website if you'd like a peek .This should give you more info on the role of a Doula.I am a birth and post natal Doula.If you'd like to know anymore,my contact details are on my website.

LiliAnjelika Tue 26-Jun-07 10:57:47

Hi doulamummy. Thanks so much for the link to your website. Looks perfect. Will definitely be in touch soon via the contact details you give on the site.

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