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St Johns, Bromyard Rd - parking restrictions

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jomartyr Tue 09-Oct-18 19:19:40

Dear St Johns residents - parents and grandparents,

The County Council is proposing parking restrictions along Bromyard Rd. This is opposed by residents and local councillors. Householders (many with small children) will be competing for spaces in the congested side streets - the walking route to local schools. Driver speeds are likely to accelerate on Bromyard Rd. the Chief of Police has expressed concern.

St Johns residents, please sign and share the petition to the Traffic Management Team:

Thank you


DickVanTyke Wed 10-Oct-18 22:12:39

Hi Jo
Have residents received letters about this? I'm in St Johns (although no longer off Bromyard Road), but haven't heard about it and I'm not far away!

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