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Oooooh whats this then?

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musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Wed 13-Jun-07 14:54:09

And why only Stockport?

musicianswidowAKAmumofmonsters Wed 13-Jun-07 20:51:57


JHelenA Sun 19-Aug-07 05:08:48

Just exploring mn as new mum. Looks like s port is pretty quiet? doEs any1 else post here? i'm looking 4 groups i can go 2 within area. ta

Psychobabble Sun 19-Aug-07 07:47:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JHelenA Sun 19-Aug-07 09:29:55

Hi! Bramhall...have 2 week old so new 2 all this. hoW about you?

Psychobabble Sun 19-Aug-07 20:20:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gatleygirl Tue 21-Aug-07 15:19:49

hi I am exploring mumsnet too - is this the local stockport site? Seems a bit deserted! I've just come back from John lewis with my three (donkey rides outside Sainsburys today!) and its heaving with babies, can't believe we are the only people on mumsnet from Stockport! JHelenA, Little Tigers is normally in sainsbury's too - by the checkouts. Its great for all the class / group listings - before you know it you'll be baby yoga-ing all day!

JHelenA Wed 22-Aug-07 00:52:18

Cheers! Am contempleting j lewis trip 2moro, so will try and pick up mag. stIll at stage where going out in public feels like a brave effort, and will prob only last 15 min! (smile) Apart from that s port local does seem q quiet...must be more of us!

tigersmum Wed 05-Sep-07 15:58:06

I am in Stockport too. I go to Tiny Talk signing for babies in Bramhall on Friday afternoons. New babies always welcome.

Lizcharliesmum Wed 12-Sep-07 21:19:32

Hi - I'm new to this too! I live in High Lane - there is a new playgroup at Brookside Primary School on Wednesdays from 9.15 til 11 - it took some getting there for that time this morning but was worth it - lots of new baby things there!

mumtoone Tue 18-Sep-07 16:14:39

Hi there, I have volunteered to edit the Stockport site for now. I see quite a few entries have already been added which is great. I will try to add more over the next few weeks but I would welcome any ideas from you so please keep adding entries.


tigersmum Wed 19-Sep-07 08:11:42

What sort of things are you looking to add?

Lucycat Wed 19-Sep-07 13:01:50

There are quite a few of us in the Stockport/S Manchester area - we did all meet a couple of times but I'd feel a bit of a loon in a soft play place now that my two are at school - yippee!

What do you want to include?

bilblio Thu 20-Sep-07 20:31:43

Hiya, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm actually in Stalybridge but I can't find anyone chatting about Tameside.

JHelenA my DD is about 2 weeks older than your LO. Have you found anything exciting to do?
I've been going to postnatal classes and doing baby massage there. I've also taken my LO swimming, but that was over towards Sheffield at a private pool. I'd love to find something round here or a baby yoga class, I'm intrigued by what you'd do

Danimac Fri 21-Sep-07 12:11:10

Hi everyone,
Im Danielle i m 25 and live in the heatons area of stockport. Ihave 2 children boy 6 and baby girl 4 months.. xx

JHelenA Fri 19-Oct-07 21:53:23

Hi all,

how r things? Bilblio...i found details of baby yoga in stockport. will dig out and post over the w.end. Just started rhythm time, which i loved but ds slept through!

tigersmum...i'm going to go to the bramhall tiny talk after half term. is it easy to find?

Hi danimac, how are your two doing?

x x

MerlinsBeard Fri 09-Nov-07 14:50:16

had forgotten all about this lol!

There are LOTS of s'port MNetters but not al will post on local pages.

Wordwitch Thu 22-Nov-07 11:41:12

Hello there all,
Who would be up for meeting for a coffee in John Lewis Cheadle say on a Friday morning one time to say a non-virtual hello?
DS is 6 months old and I'm just back at work (3 days til Christmas then f/t).
Congratulations to all those who have got out to baby groups. It is a huge effort to make sure we don't forget anything/leave the house with smelly/screaming child!

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 12-May-08 19:37:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doodle2U Tue 13-May-08 14:07:36

Blimey, didn't even know this existed!

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 13-May-08 18:49:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lom Sun 17-Aug-08 21:03:44

Has anyone heard anything about Kids Unlimited Summerfields (Wilmslow) having a particular problem with sickness?

SabihaN Mon 08-Sep-08 14:31:13

Hi I'm new to Mumsnet. I have a 7 wek old boy. Is the Stockport group active and do you meet up at any time?

Doodle2U Mon 08-Sep-08 14:45:00

Hi SabihaN and welcome to MN.

None of us Stockport lot can fathom why we have out own section on MN but every now and then, someone like you comes along and bumps a thread into active convos and I think we all think...hmm, maybe we should do a meet-up. Then we discuss it for a bit and then we forget about it! grin

There is a Manchester meet-up at Christmas (November 29th) if you're interested, however!

Doodle2U Mon 08-Sep-08 14:50:23

and why is this thread now stuck at the very top of Avtive Convo's hmm

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