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Christ's College Finchley

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schooldiva Fri 05-Oct-18 17:45:47

We are deciding on secondary school places for ds for next Sept. Christ's College Finchley is top of the list for us but I don't know any parents who currently have a child there. I'd really like some reassurance from someone that knows the school.

For us it's a toss up between CCF and SMSJ.
I like CCF because
- the head is great and had improved the results year on year since he started with 25% now getting straight A/A*
- it still has a broad curriculum with art, DT, food tech, drama, music, computer science and PE all featuring - which I hope will mean he enjoys school.
- it has loads of space and onsite PE facilities and a yr 7 courtyard for transition

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who knows the school. Is it really as good as it seems? Do they do the three drama productions a year that they promise. Does Robot club - that they promote so much - really take place and how hard is it to get a place? Do they get much homework? Are the clever ones stretched? Are the boys well rounded and confident once they finish there?

I like SMSJ too but would rather they had more enrichment and more space.

Thanks so much for helping.

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