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Bournemouth relocation

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Cjohn3 Thu 04-Oct-18 18:24:31

Hi everyone

I am currently in the process of relocating to Bournemouth, we are buying a house and moving from nearly 4 hours away! Super excited as we have always wanted to live that way but also very nervous about not making friends or feeling lonely. I have 3 children 8,6 and 2 and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good places to go our groups that I can attend with my 2 year old son while my daughters are at school.

Any advice or recommendations welcome

Daisy468x Sun 14-Oct-18 21:39:44

Hi Cjohn3. I too am looking to move to Bournemouth but from London and have been visiting the area a lot. There is always so much going on down there I'm sure just being out and about with help as the locals are super friendly. There are lots of groups on Facebook too that post events, might be worth a look! Try and visit a local library for story times etc and speak to other parents for recommendations. Meet up groups are also a great way to meet people, you can register and view events online, or create your own event. I hope this helps. Good luck with the move....I for one can't wait for my relocation date smile

Libra16 Tue 06-Aug-19 17:13:35

Hi all. I know this is an old thread but we are looking to move out towards Bournemouth or surrounding areas and I am just hoping to get advice about where is good to be? I have 2 DS aged 13 & 10 (year 9 and year 6) so I need a good primary for one year for the youngest, but ultimately a great Secondary for both of them. Eldest son is not uber academic, not enough to make it into Grammar Schools but he loves science, art, drama, music, design etc.
Any recommendations on schools, areas, things to do with older kids, clubs, activities, places to live that have a good community, pub etc?

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