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Returning back to work

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Fairydust17 Mon 01-Oct-18 18:41:30

I have been back to work for a few weeks now from maternity leave but still really struggling leaving my 11 month old baby girl. I work 4 days but in my days of I look after another baby and so I am not getting quality time with my girl. I’m really struggling trying to get back in to work all I am thinking about is how I cannot wait to leave to go see her. If money wasn’t an option I would give it up as I love spending every minute with he.
Anyone else found it hard any tips to make life easier? I just feel so alone ☹️

kathyruf Wed 13-Mar-19 17:17:11


Feeling alone on this message board too?! Bless you. How are things going now? It's difficult to get a balance isn't it? Do you have a job/career that you love or is it just a means to an end currently?

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