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vg2018 Mon 01-Oct-18 14:58:25


Please give your advise. We were looking to send our DS to Vineyard School in Richmond because they have really good KS2 results and we liked the overall ambience of the school. However, I have just looked at their year 6 leavers' destinations and they are not at all impressive - 90 per cent. kids seem to be going to state non-selective schools.

This has made me super confused as to whether to put my DS in the school or not. How much important do you think should be paid to school's leavers destinations? The confusion is compounded by the fact that most state primary school dont really disclose which secondary schools their Y6 are going to.


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SheRaTheAllPowerful Mon 01-Oct-18 15:03:54

Vineyard is a state school though isn’t it? So it would be normal that only 10% of children are changing to go private at secondary. Only 7% if children nationally go to private school. In Richmond I’m sure the percentage is much higher but the children will be at private from reception onwards.

AbsintheAndChips Tue 02-Oct-18 07:49:55

Even in Richmond, the vast majority of children go to state schools at secondary level!

OP, if your child is young enough not to have even started school yet, it is probably a bit too early to be worrying about the 11+ exams. You have no idea if he will be suitable material for them or happy in a selective environment.

Additionally, if you live close enough to Vineyard to be offered a place there, you are unlikely to be in catchment for many other primaries, maybe Marshgate depending on where you live. So you don't really get to choose, just to express a preference.

Honestly, there are no bad primaries in Richmond and if your son wants to go to a selective school when the time comes and is suitable material it will make very little difference which primary he has been to.

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