Worplesdon Station Parking

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DiploCat1 Mon 24-Sep-18 09:30:14

We have just moved from overseas to Worplesdon, Surrey and first day back at work in London, DH has enquired about station parking season tickets to be told there is a waiting list! It is going to cost us a fortune in daily tickets. Does anyone know any alternatives?

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CaptainCorrigan Mon 24-Sep-18 09:39:53

Guildford station? They have a very large car park, so may have more availability on season tickets but will be a 10 min drive from worplesdon and traffic can get bad if you don't leave early enough. Brookwood station is also near, about 10 mins away but not an awful lot of parking there. Unfortunately this part of surrey is a huge commuter area so will be pretty much the same anywhere.

DiploCat1 Mon 24-Sep-18 10:17:07

Sorry, should have been more precise in my wording. We have to travel from Worplesdon station as our daughter is enrolled in a nursery 5 minutes away, and the journey to Guildford station would just make things too long and complicated. Looking for alternative parking arrangements, if they exist!

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