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Moving to TW/High Brooms

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LouiseM12345 Fri 21-Sep-18 17:14:49

Hi everyone, I'm new to MumNet and wondered if anyone can give me some advice! My husband and I are thinking about moving to Tunbridge Wells and in particular the Tunbridge Wells side of High Brooms as we think it will be a lovely place to have a family, and it seems to offer everything we love (parks, countryside, nice restaurants). Our main concern is with the train from High Brooms. I travel to London for work every day, and it's mainly the journey in I'm worried about. Are there always seats from High Brooms station in the morning (around 7.30/8)? How about if you travel first class, does that even exist, are you guaranteed a seat then and is it worth the extra money?! I am so worried about moving somewhere then having to stand on a train for 40 minutes every morning...
Also, does anyone know what the primary school situation is like in Tunbridge Wells if you live within 5 - 10 minutes of High Brooms station? He/She doesn't exist yet but hopefully will soon, so we're keen to make sure we're near a good school!

DraughtyWindow Mon 01-Oct-18 16:34:40

High Brooms is not the most desirable area in TW. It’s very close to a number of very rough council estates. To be fair, you’d be better off somewhere like Crowborough. There’s a mainline station to London and plenty of good schools.

Namechangeforthisone9 Mon 01-Oct-18 16:41:52

There’s no such thing as a very rough council estate in Tunbridge Wells. High brooms is about as undesirable as Tonbrige high street, which some snobby residents look down on. You will get seats at High Brooms. There are fast trains that go High Brooms-London non stop during morning and afternoon rush hours. Only times there’s issues are when the train is reduced from 12 to 6 carriages or there’s general mayhem due to other cancelled trains.

Namechangeforthisone9 Mon 01-Oct-18 16:48:55

As far as schools, there is a large primary St John’s that use to be very popular... now it’s a mixed bag, depending on who you speak with. They had controversy last year with the religious group they had giving their assemblies and I’ve heard the priest of St John’s has said some shocking things about other faiths/getting into heaven, etc. But this is second hand from friends whose kids attend.
There’s also a small Catholic (that accepts all faiths) and that’s very community oriented with great pastoral care called St Augustine’s. They just became part of the Catholic Trust in Kent. Good thing about them is they are a feeder school for St Gregory’s which is an excellent secondary, should your child not go to Grammar schools. The third is St Marks and it use to have an iffy reputation but now lots of parents praise it over St John’s and say it’s lovely.

The one people avoided was Temple Academy, but no idea what it’s like as it’s gone through a lot of changes.

Namechangeforthisone9 Mon 01-Oct-18 16:54:02

Also recommend the St Johns area of Tunbridge Wells as you get a lot more for your money. You’d be in catchment for St John’s, St Augustine’s and possibly St Barnabas. Distances are published by Kent Council so don’t rely on estate agents.

LouiseM12345 Mon 01-Oct-18 17:05:22

Thank you all so much, this is greatly appreciated. I’m off to check of St. John’s (is that around St. John’s Park?) and the other town and look at the schools mentioned above! Excited to make the move over there 😊

Namechangeforthisone9 Mon 01-Oct-18 18:47:24

St John’s area is in theory the area around St John’s Church on St John’s Road (which takes you to the A21/Tonbridge). But if you look at google maps, it’s sort of the pocket from St John’s Road to Upper Grovernor Road. Reason being that the St John’s primary school that’s meant to serve the St Johns Church parish is actually in the High brooms area and if you live by the St John’s Church, you’re now out of catchment for its school. So people are starting to associate that entire triangle as the St John’s area although technically it’s more the radius around school. Lots of ex Londoner live on Stephens Road. They even have a Facebook group so you could always join and ask neighbourhood specific questions

Namechangeforthisone9 Mon 01-Oct-18 18:48:14

sorry technically it’s the radius around the church

LouiseM12345 Mon 01-Oct-18 19:13:01

Thank you!!!

Contactlens53 Wed 07-Nov-18 17:52:35

I am from north of Cambridge and I am about buy a newly built house near the Sherwood Lake of Tunbridge Wells. Just saw some comments here that Sherwood is a relatively undesirable and rough area of Tunbridge Wells. I am worried and do not want to make a wrong decision. Since the estate is newly bulit, I wonder if this regenerated residential area will be different. Please advise if you know the area.


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