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Relocating from London to Harrogate

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DandelionBlue Sun 16-Sep-18 20:08:39

My husband and I are thinking of relocating from London to Harrogate.
We just got married and are looking to settle down and start a family.
London is out of our price range when it comes to buying a house. And we live the lifestyle that Yorkshire has to offer.
We have been to Harrogate several times over the last two years and love the vibe of the place.
I would need to commute to Leeds for my job. I'm an architect. But cannot drive. So would need to use the train or bus. How bad is the commute?
My husband is more flexible but would probably be driving to quite a lot of locations outside of Harrogate for his job. Including Lead a. I hear the traffic can be bad?
Another question I have is about the best places in Harrogate to buy a property. We have 200,000£ and would like a two bed with a small garden. Catchment area for schools will soon become important.
Also what is the maternity ward like in Harrogate? And is there a good sense of community.

WhitefriarsDillyDuck Sun 16-Sep-18 23:55:08

You won't get a house in a decent area for £200,000, or really in any area.

They are building new houses at Pannal- not released yet but next to Pannal train station and about 30 mins into Leeds. They are from 1 bed upwards- my DD is hoping to buy one and I am thinking they will be about £200k, they may have help to buy etc

There are a number of train stations, trains go at least every 30 mins and take about 35 mins. There is also the 36 luxury bus. Depends where you work in Leeds

Secondary schools depend on faith or address. Lots of people find their faith.

Takes an hour to drive to south leeds- about 50 mins to centre at rush hours. About 30 mins to the A1, slightly less if going North. The traffic is significantly worse than 10 years ago.

What is it that you like about Harrogate? We have lived here for 12 years and wouldnt move here now.

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