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Hoorah, meet-ups aren't just for Cockney sparrows now!

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BlackCountryLass Thu 07-Jun-07 22:25:32

I've always been a bit jealous when I've read about the MN meet-ups 'down south' but now we can plan our own! Anyone fancy a chip butty and some blue pop over the Priory?

BlackCountryLass Mon 11-Jun-07 23:01:45

I'll post a sensible meet-up suggestion now in case any Dudley mummies out there thought I was taking the mick (I wasn't, I was just being daft to get the ball rolling but now I feel very silly because I obviously sounded so obnoxious that no-one wanted to meet up with me!!!)

How about a coffee at the cafe at A&D Aquatics, Oldbury? There are plenty of high chairs, clean changing facilties etc and children of all ages seem to like looking at all the marine fish and seahorses afterwards.

nappyaddict Thu 28-Jun-07 10:20:35

we've already got a meet up in the making. come over here

nappyaddict Mon 02-Jul-07 23:33:02

me and another mner are meeting up tomorrow or wednesday at cheeky chimpz if you want to come.

BlackCountryLass Wed 04-Jul-07 20:39:45

Doh, sorry nappyaddict, I've only just seen your message. Did you go?

I go back to work next Wednesday (wed-fri) but will be free on Mondays and Tuesdays if you do any other kiddy-things.

Thanks for invite, have a good week.

nappyaddict Thu 12-Jul-07 10:01:12

no didn't go in the end. ds was poorly. drop me an email on tobys_mummy at btinternet dot com so i have yours to hand for future plans.

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