Help I'm moving to Broadstairs Kent and am getting nervous...

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Kayh00 Fri 07-Sep-18 18:02:32


So this is my first ever post so if I've placed it wrong please let me know.

DH and I have family around the Birchington area and we have just brought a house in Broadstairs.
We have a 19 month old son with another currently cooking...

We've both been brought up in London and really loved the idea of moving to the coast. We've been looking in all areas for over a year and have fell in love with a house in Broadstairs.

My DH will still be commuting into London.

We're starting to getting nervous wondering if we've chosen the right area. Is Broadstairs a nice area to bring up kids? Are there any areas to avoid? Does the Beacon Road area get crazy busy? (There was a traffic jam there when we went last). Are the schools good? (I know there's a few ofsted ones with either o/s or good reports but can anyone actually personally recommend them.
Is the area safe?

I really hope someone will come along soon and shed some light as we're getting really nervous and am not sure if it's just my hormones!!

Thanks in advance x

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