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Bullers Wood for Boys

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BriefChangeofUserName Thu 06-Sep-18 12:52:27

Does anyone know the postcode of the Bickley planned entrance? Trying to work out how near we are as this is where they are going to measure distance from but, unhelpfully, they do not give the postcode in their admissions literature.

Astronotus Mon 17-Sep-18 09:54:35

Planning permission is still not confirmed for the Bickley site. The school is temporarily at a site in Bromley. Councillors have said it could move to Edgebury.

Ring Bromley Council for information and postcodes.

BriefChangeofUserName Mon 01-Oct-18 15:10:31

So I phoned Bromley Council and they don't know! However the School say that the current point of measurement is the BMW Garage on Bickley Road just in case that is useful to anyone else.

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