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Sash window refurbishment/replacement

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Calicam Mon 03-Sep-18 14:27:12

We have Victorian sash windows that are in generally good condition, but rattle in the wind and are rather chilly in very cold weather. We are dedicated to maintaining the period style (so no pvc) but don't want to waste money on something that's not very effective. Noise is less of an issue now, but who knows what traffic on our road will be like in a few years' time!

We are pondering various options - replacing boxes and sashes with lookalike double glazing (which is what Cambridge Classics offers) or draughtproofing & installing slim double glazing in existing sashes (Cambridge Sashcraft option).

Have you had double glazing installed in sash windows - and was it worthwhile? Or might draught-proofing do the trick?

Any experience with Cambridge Classics, Cambridge Sashcraft, Sash Window Repair Company?

All feedback most welcome. Each company seems to have a contradictory position on best solution and it's so hard to know what to do!

JumpJockey Thu 06-Sep-18 22:14:12

We had some great sash window reconditioning and repairs done by David Hume, not double glazed but he can do that. Website doesn’t look much but I’d definitely recommend him. I know this doesn’t answer your question though!

Neolara Wed 17-Oct-18 21:11:42

We used Fyntons for double glazed sash windows. They are excellent.

Roystonv Wed 17-Oct-18 21:12:39


Calicam Wed 17-Oct-18 21:30:57

Thank you everyone for responses. We have gone for Sash Window Workshop, fingers crossed for a good result!

LittleIzzy3 Thu 29-Nov-18 21:36:15

You could try WindowSkins (

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