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Schools in Stroud

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RingInTheNew Sun 02-Sep-18 15:39:09

Hi there. Can anyone give me some advice on schools in Stroud please? I'm looking at both primaries and secondaries...

We will be moving to Stroud (potentially the Uplands area) in the next few months. I have two primary school children, one of whom will be starting secondary next year (plus I need to think about nurseries for my three year old, although I'm hoping that will just sort itself out once I've found the schools!)

From what I can tell online, Uplands and Severn View both seem good primaries. But what if I also have a year 7 child to take to school?! On a practical level I need to be able to get to both a primary and a secondary on time in the morning, but of course I also need to choose a decent secondary. My year 7 child is quietish, intelligent, sporty...I'm going to try for the late test for Marling but need a bit of advice on other secondaries. Thomas Keble and Maidenhill both seem pretty good online. Should I be looking at others?

I'm hoping someone on the ground in Stroud might be able to give me a bit of local knowledge! Websites only go so far...I don't know what these schools' reputation is or whether there are any local developments I don't know about...

Many thanks in advance!

RingInTheNew Thu 06-Sep-18 09:24:39

Anyone at all?!

Thank you!

Barbeasty Fri 07-Sep-18 11:46:53

Ours are a but young for secondary, and we're a bit too far out to know much about those primaries except that we know 1 family who moved to Severn View and were happy, another who moved there and quickly moved back to the school they'd left.

Thomas Keble has a good reputation but has priority areas covering the surrounding villages.
I know people who are happy with Archway.
Lots of children seem to get the bus to Cirencester Deer Park School, so that might be worth a look.

These local boards don't seem to move very fast, so it might be worth trying a post about Stroud schools over on one of the Education boards to see if there's a bit more traffic.

RingInTheNew Fri 07-Sep-18 14:17:57

Thank you for that reply! Thanks for the advice too - will try on Education boards too.

ThickOfThings Tue 11-Sep-18 15:34:05

Hello, currently sat in Uplands so I might be able to offer some insight.

In terms of combo if possible families up here generally do Uplands + Archway/Marling. That's what I did and it worked ok. Archway + Marling are also walkable/bikeable if the older child wants some independence when older although the hill can be a bit of a killer!

Hope that helps a bit?

RingInTheNew Wed 12-Sep-18 22:11:49

Thanks ThickOfThings. That's helpful. What do you think of Archway? Was reading their Ofsted report and saw it needed improvement...

Thank you!

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