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May Park Primary, Easton

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Kezia72 Sat 01-Sep-18 10:36:50

Hi all. We are moving to Greenbank with two kids about to start years 3 and 5. I think we won’t get into Whitehall, so I’m looking at the other schools. I see the recent ofsted on May Park and that the head left, but I’ve also heard that the school might be ok. Does anyone here send thier kids there? What’s it like from the kids perspective? I’m more interested in happiness and a supportive environment than academic acchivement. DS, 7, is a bit of a sensitive soul with an enduring mind and love of outdoors, and DD, 9, very bright and creative but can get shy.

I would love to hear any first (or second) hand reports of May Park and any inside info on what’s going to happen to the school this coming year.

Also any info on Bannerman Road welcome!


Kezia72 Sat 01-Sep-18 10:38:00

Enquiring mind!

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