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Is Nottingham a family friendly area

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steele143 Fri 31-Aug-18 22:54:41

Hello me and my family are planning to back in uk and we are looking for a nice place to live with good schools, a lot of activities to do with children and I city where to find and do everything.
Do you think Nottingham is a nice place to rise a family? Is a safety area?
Thank you

BillywilliamV Fri 31-Aug-18 22:57:09

We like it!

Ohyesiam Fri 31-Aug-18 22:58:02

I had some involvement with Nottingham over a decade ago, and I have never come across so much organised crime.
It could have been resolved completely by now, I hope more up to date posters come and put me straight.

Clammyclam Fri 31-Aug-18 23:13:05

I really like it
It's s great city

NotMeNoNo Fri 31-Aug-18 23:31:00

We have recently moved back and we really like it. I believe the crime rate is not significantly different from other cities. West Bridgford (technically Nottinghamshire) is a famously family friendly area. Lots of new homes being built in Edwalton in the south.

There's a giant free sandpit in the city centre at the moment.

steele143 Fri 31-Aug-18 23:36:53

How about the weather?

NotMeNoNo Sat 01-Sep-18 09:02:50

East Midlands is on average the slightly drier side of the UK but to be honest you can get any weather, anywhere, any day of the year here. We don't usually get heavy snow like further north. How long since you last lived in the UK? To describe our weather might be a whole other post! grin

LIZS Sat 01-Sep-18 09:05:50

It is widely variable by area in terms of crime, social mix, family friendliness etc. Suburbs tend to be greener with good transport links to city. Some areas are dominated by student lets as there are two large unis. Weather is similar to rest of UK.

PipeTheFuckDown Sat 01-Sep-18 09:09:37

I’ve just moved back to Nottingham, to an area that’s inner city (from a crappy suburb an hour away) - but we have 2 huge, beautiful, sprawling parks on our doorstep, as well excellent commuter links/public transport to all over Nottingham/shire. So far there’s been no issues, but I prefer a lively area grin

What sort of area are you looking for? What about schools etc?

For naice areas: West Bridgford, Gamston, Beeston, Wollaton, Mapperly, The Park, Gotham, Toton.

HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Sat 01-Sep-18 09:10:53

Its a great area with fab transport links across the city including the tram network. There are lots of things for children to do many of which are free. It has some problems but anyone who claims to live somewhere that doesn't is lying to themselves.

I am however bemused that someone would post their opinions of a place from over a decade ago. It has obviously changed in that time and those comments are not exactly going to help someone make a decision.

PipeTheFuckDown Sat 01-Sep-18 09:12:14

There’s a lot of free/cheap family activities too. New Art Exchange just outside the city, Nottingham Contemporary in the city, the Market Square has a beach at the moment. The Forest Rec has free Play Works on Thursday afternoons, along with Forest School activities, the Arboretum, Wollaton Park, Attenborough Nature Reserve, Arnot Hill Park are the ones we spend a lot of time at.

JellyBellies Sat 01-Sep-18 09:18:30

Hi, I live in West Bridgford and it is definitely family friendly, has great schools and lots of activities.

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