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Moving on Newcastle with family

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steele143 Fri 31-Aug-18 22:44:48

Hello to everyone, we are planning to back in the uk and we are looking for a nice place to live with kids. A safety area with good schools, parks and activities to do with children. I heard Newcastle is a great area. I am looking for as much information as possible about it!
Our daughter will turn 4 ys in November.

Thank you

ISeeTheLight Fri 31-Aug-18 22:47:54

Yes it's lovely, we moved to the North East last year from London. DP is from here and we met here.
Lots of lovely areas, Gosforth, a bit further out to Whitley Bay, Jesmond (though lots of students). I find it a very family friendly area, lovely people and lots to do. House prices are generally very reasonable too.

steele143 Fri 31-Aug-18 22:50:42

I saw the price of houses are really cheap. We are living in Italy right now but we used to live in London for 5 years! I would like to live near a big city but no too big. How is the weather up there?

ISeeTheLight Sat 01-Sep-18 10:54:36

I don't think the weather is that bad. Colder, yes but you can dress for that. Get a warm coat for Inthe winter. It's still been 23-27 degrees here most of this summer. I much prefer living here than in London, especially with kids. I'd recommend you visit and then rent for a while though before buying anything, but I'd say that for any relocation.

Snoopychildminder Sat 01-Sep-18 10:57:54

Oh dear Newcastle it’s my absolute favourite place on earth. My late father was from Cullercoats, beautiful beach, lovely small community feel.
My brother moved to Whickham earlier on in the year. He has an amazing terrace house that backs on to fields and a playground. It’s very peaceful and the locals are just a dream smile

dazzlingdeborahrose Sat 01-Sep-18 11:03:24

I would look at either Jesmond or Gosforth. Possibly Ponteland. If you’re happy to be a bit further out then along the coast tynemouth, cullercoats or Whitley bay. All on the metro line so easy access to city centre. I live further up into Northumberland near Morpeth which again has train and bus services into Newcastle.

Have a look on Rightmove and post some links of houses you like. We can probably give you some info on the area.

Good luck.

Laura4127797 Mon 26-Nov-18 15:53:15

Hi I’m new to mumsnet and looking for some advice.
I’m from Scotland and looking to move to Newcastle in the next month or January ,I know that’s not a lot of time but hey ho it’s all systems go.
Now I have a daughter who was born 07/01/08 who is 10 and my partner has a daughter born 20/08/07 who is 11 , they have 5 months of an age gap both girls are in p7 in Scotland here , but I have now come to realise this is different in England / Newcastle can someone please tell me how the process works and would one child either repeat a year or jump a year, I have tried to speak to city council and called round a bunch of schools and havnt been successful at getting the correct information. We are looking to move to the Kingston Park area due to work commitments,
Any views ? Recommendations as to what schools are best not Kenton the reviews are horrendous 🙄🙄 . I do know my way round Newcastle I’m a frequent visitor but if I’m moving children it’s a whole different ball game any info appreciated 💞 I really just don’t want the girls to suffer with school and then splitting them up is not ideal .

dazzlingdeborahrose Fri 30-Nov-18 10:17:55

Sacred Heart in Fenham is an excellent school. Single sex. The equivalent in the area for boys is St Cuthberts. They're both catholic secondary schools. I work in Newcastle but live in Northumberland so I know the KP area but not the schools. You might fall into the catchment for the Gosforth schools. Kenton and gosforth are very close but Gosforth is considered more upmarket.

Laura4127797 Sun 02-Dec-18 14:31:16

Thank you Deborah for your reply I’ll check this we have applied for the girls to attend ponteeland as Gosforth is impossible to get into as so many people apply , Kenton just isn’t even on the radar for us not snobby or that just not keen 😐 thanks so much for your reply

dazzlingdeborahrose Sun 02-Dec-18 16:35:08

Hope you get sorted. Ponteland is very good too. Good luck.

feellikeanalien Sun 02-Dec-18 16:47:02

Hi Laura. The equivalent of P7 in England would be Year 6. If you've applied for Ponteland Middle School you should be aware that there has been a recent reorganisation of the Ponteland schools. A new academy Trust is being formed which doesn't include the Middle School.

There is no equivalent to the middle school system in Scotland. My DD is at one of the local primary schools that is a feeder school for the high school in Ponteland.

Feel free to PM me if you want any more information. I'm Scottish so know how both systems work.

Nadzzz Thu 20-Dec-18 10:34:28

Hello everyone

I'm another one in the queue. Husband got a job yesterday in Uni of Newcastle. And we have to move within 20 days. Currently living in Manchester with two little boys who go to primary.

Any suggestion as to which areas to focus ner uni and which areas to avoid? Any suggestions regarding areas with good primary schools would be much appreciated as well. Desperate for help!!!


dazzlingdeborahrose Thu 17-Jan-19 23:16:17

Probably a bit late but areas close to the university are Jesmond, Heaton, Gosforth. The coast is nice. Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, cullercoats are all on the metro line. Kingston Park is also a good option. Ponteland too. Haymarket is the nearest stop to the main campus.
Then you can go into Northumberland. Morpeth is nice and has good train and bus links to Newcastle. It's about 20-30 minutes drive up the A1.
Areas to avoid? Byker, Walker, some areas of the west end
Hope the move goes well.

matro87 Sun 20-Jan-19 09:59:16

Thanks to everyone! We decide at the end to move in another city!

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