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Dorset - London Commute

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DBP1234 Thu 30-Aug-18 15:40:25

Contemplating a move from London to Bridport. It’s definitely on the cards within the next couple of years. We’ve been spending more and more time in Dorset and every time we return home we question why we’re not moving sooner.
The answer to that question really is my job. I love it, not ready to walk away from it quite yet...
Wondering if anyone on here has experience of commuting to London from that area of Dorset.
It’s likely that i’d only need to do it once or twice a week.
Google tells me that I could drive to crewkerne in 25 minutes, get the 6.25 train to Waterloo. And I’d be at my desk by 9.30.
Which in my mind is totally doable.

What’s the reality? Does anyone on here do a similar journey? Does it often take twice as long? Is there a faster train on a different line / starting station..... any insight would be majorly appreciated.

Thank you xx

thefirstmrsdewinter Tue 25-Sep-18 00:36:29

Have you had any further thoughts op? We live in London and have a small property in Bridport but plan eventually to sell up and buy a larger house in Bridport. My dh often works from home on Fri and Mon and if I'm staying on I drop him at Dorchester South or he can take the bus. I think the train journeys from Crewkerne and Dorch are of similar length. So far no delays, traffic is not a problem and it must be one of the most beautiful commutes anywhere. smile There is lots of parking near the station in Dorch (can't remember what the parking situation is in Crewkerne).

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