Looking at moving to Norwich

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martine82 Thu 30-Aug-18 14:50:22

Hi! Just looking for some advice! Me and my husband and two girls (3 year old and 1 year old) are looking at moving to Norwich and I would really appreciate advice on good locations to be looking at! We currently live in St Ives near Cambridge but do really like Norwich and would like to be closer to family who live in Great Yarmouth. We drive so although being walking distance to town would be nice it's not essential. Mainly looking for areas with good schools that have a few local amenities (shop, maybe cafe?!) My husband is not keen at all on terraced houses so I'm struggling to find anything in golden triangle area. Have looked around Eaton park area and Thorpe Hamlet but would like to know any pluses/minuses to these places and if there are any other good spots to look at. Thanks so much!

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martine82 Thu 30-Aug-18 14:51:45

Also I'm a nurse so would hopefully be getting a job at nnuh. Not too sure on where my husband will be working yet, he may have to commute back to Cambridge for a while!

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Twitwooo Fri 19-Oct-18 13:41:44

Heya, a bit late but in case this helps....

Are you set on living in the city? there are plenty of lovely villages around Norwich - this would very greatly reduce the chances of you looking at a terrace, and also help with commuting to nnuh/yarmouth if you didn't have to go through the city to reach one or the other!

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