Fancy trying roller derby?

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AlphaMama Tue 28-Aug-18 20:48:53

Hi all,

I'm part of a roller derby league (Hell's Belles Roller Derby) based in Hemel, but we sometimes train in Berko and Redbourne as well. We have a new beginners' course starting in September.

You don't have to have skated before (ever in fact) and you can rent kit from the league for the duration of the course while you test out if the sport is for you.

It's a 12 week course, and by the end you'll be able to skate forwards, backwards, on one leg... depending on your own level of daring you may even be able to jump over a stack of cones 6" high!

It's a fantastic way to stay fit I must admit. My thighs and bum have never been so toned (I've been skating for a year now). We're a welcoming, eclectic bunch age 18-40+, everyone from rock solid muscle to a woman six weeks post partum. No one is out of place.

Happy to answer any questions you have!

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