Help - where should we move?

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Leftitabitlate Sat 25-Aug-18 21:49:33

Will try to not make this too long a read!
Me and my family are moving to Bristol over the next couple of months and we don't have a clue which area to move to.

Normally we are such big planners and very organised but with a five-month old we are being uncharacteristically last-minute about it all. We are in the process of selling our current place and last week the estate agent said we should exchange over the next month which has made us realise we need to get a move on with decision making.

We think Clifton/Redland are out of our price range but that's essentially the only conclusion we've reached.

Any suggestions? We want it to be a nice family-oriented community (good schools etc) with a few nice cafes and amenities nearby. We are same-sex parents (women) so it would be nice if it feels like there is some diversity in the area.

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Rudi44 Sun 26-Aug-18 08:06:31

Suggest looking at southville, totterdown, st werbergs, Montpellier

Leftitabitlate Mon 27-Aug-18 19:39:53

Thanks very much for the suggestions Rudi44! A couple of people have mentioned southville to us but when I look on street view the roads look super narrow. Is that a fair assumption I've made or are there a few wider streets there too?

BTW I completely accept wide streets is a weird requirement to say out loud!
Someone else mentioned henleaze and Westbury on trym. Are they good family areas?

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happyflower Tue 28-Aug-18 17:59:24

Henleaze has wide streets, good parking and family oriented but not especially diverse, but nice little high street. Good schools. Westbury on Trym nice villagey feel with lovely high street. Montpelier is diverse but again narrow streets and very difficult parking. Some new schools opened up in this area too. Southville is family friendly but again parking is tricky especially with some streets being quite narrow. St Werburghs is a great area, quite diverse and fairly laid back with city farm, Mina road area has parks and shops too. Elsewhere in Bishopston (Cricket ground side of Gloucester Road, not Redland School side) is also nice and close to park and schools.

Leftitabitlate Wed 29-Aug-18 11:35:47

Ah, thank you so much happy flower (and Rudi) those are really great suggestions! We are going to come to Bristol next week and look at all of these areas.
In case this is of interest to others moving to Bristol I shall report back!

Thanks again

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