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Burnthouse Lane?

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OldKingThistle Sat 25-Aug-18 21:23:03

Hi all,

We’re considering a move to Exeter next summer and have been looking at areas. We read a couple of things saying to avoid the area around Burnthouse Lane, is this right? If so what’s wrong with it? I actually went to university in Exeter (over a decade ago!) and used to work for dominos so drove all around Exeter and I don’t remember any areas that I ever thought of as especially ‘dodgy’ but maybe that was just the bravado of youth grin

We have two primary school aged children, oldest is year 3 so we have a few years before secondary school applications but would be keeping that in mind also!


BarryTheKestrel Sat 25-Aug-18 21:27:30

These days it's ok. It's a large council estate so mainly low income families. It's got a reputation for being a bit dodgy with unruly kids and punch ups and women yelling like fishwives in the street in their PJ's but honestly it's not that bad. Beacon Heath has a similar reputation.

Heavitree and Broadfields, surrounding wonford (burnthouse lane area) have very good reputations and decent schools.

Actressmum Fri 21-Sep-18 15:48:48

I'm a new mum to be and have lived in Exeter for most of my life. We have recently moved (Apr) to a small col-de-sac just off Burnthouse lane.
Burnthouse lane used to have a reputation because of it being mostly council/social housing. Even then it was a fine place to live - as a local you're welcomed into the community, but it was almost like a family so if you annoyed anyone then you'd have a lot of people not happy with you. However that is no longer the case, a lot of the houses have been bought by people like me (middle class). There are also many roads off of burnthouse lane that are quiet and respectful. There is a big community feel around the area. I would say it was less "notorious" then some other areas of Exeter (you'll hear stories about certain places in Exwick/Alphington etc.)
Even in the "rougher" areas of Exeter it's still a really good place to live with lots going on for children. Certainly less rough then Plymouth for example!
With regard to schools, there are really good schools around the Heavitree & Broadfields area as Barry above noted. Wynstream school is in burnthouse lane itself, it has a majority of pupils eligible for "free school meals"etc. and was last Ofsted inspected in 2013. It achieved outstanding throughout the 4 categories (having only achieved satisfactory in the report before). However that was obviously a few years ago.... Most of the primary schools in Exeter are now part of federations.
With regard to secondary schools, the closest to Burthouse lane is St James, but this is not considered one of the top secondary schools - so depends what your after!
wherever you go in Exeter, it really is a nice place to live, especially with being close to the sea, and moors!
Good Luck

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