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Relocating to South Nottingham/Nottinghamshire

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TeamJAW Tue 21-Aug-18 15:47:08

Hello everyone,

My husband, 7 month old son and I are relocating from just outside Cardiff to Nottingham as I've been offered a 2 year position at The University of Nottingham which was too exciting to turn down.

We've no idea about the area but have a rental budget of up to £1000pcm, but would prefer to spend £850pcm. Ideally we'd like to be south of the city in a rural location as my husband works in agriculture and my family live in Kenilworth. I'm prepared to commute up to 40 minutes each way. I understand traffic can be a nightmare and it's best to avoid commuting up the M1??

For now the plan is for my husband to look after our son until we can secure him a nursery place and my husband can start looking for work.

Can anyone recommend anywhere to live? I've been looking around Barrow upon soar but am worried that's not a doable commute during rush hour.

Everything feels rather daunting right now - relocating the family for a 2 year position but I'm hoping once I've got my head round somewhere to live and the logisitics things will improve. Afterall, life is for living and you should chase your dreams.

Thank you in advance for your insight.

Clammyclam Fri 31-Aug-18 23:21:04

Il on you as my ideas might be outing

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