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Swimming pool party

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Sezza27 Tue 21-Aug-18 14:33:44

My daughter is determined to have her next birthday party in a swimming pool. She has swimming lessons at Everyone Active and I know they do swimming parties - has anyone here experienced one and would you recommend? Any suggestions for other pools that might be a good alternative?

MargoLovebutter Tue 21-Aug-18 14:40:02

I've done swimming parties for my DC and they've been to other kids ones. All I would say is make sure you have a vest top to wear while you sit at the side of the pool, watching all the children have a fantastic time, as you will sweat like a pig in the jungle. Don't do anything nice to your hair either, as it will be a ball of frizz after a few hours in all that moist warm air.

All the ones we've been to are much of a muchness. The kids are supervised having fun in the water, then they get dressed and go and have some food again supervised and then they all go home and you can breathe again knowing that the horror is over for another year, depending on how many DC you have

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