Posters popping up around bromley please read

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Carrrotsandcauliflower Sun 19-Aug-18 20:23:29

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LockedOutOfMN Sun 19-Aug-18 21:00:59

This is very sad to hear. Perhaps some Bromley Mumsnetters would ask the local Lib Dems. for a meeting to discuss the rather bizarre anti-women stance from the LDs?

I hope whoever is putting up the posters keeps going, and people keep reading them and waking up to this horrible reality for women.

Carrrotsandcauliflower Sun 19-Aug-18 22:01:46

Just realised I’ve put it as a link so will get shut down 😬

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Carrrotsandcauliflower Sun 19-Aug-18 22:18:47

Ok so because I haven’t read the rules yet ( sorry) I just added a link in my previous post about this- that breaks em. So I’m popping this here instead without any link, in the hope some local MUmsnetters will see it. Thanks.
So AIBU to think that this massive women’s rights issue is going under the radar?
Excuse the length of this post ...A couple of days ago I was wasting time on Facebook. When I had a nose at the Lib Dem local home page in my area. They had a poster photographed in one post. The poster reads as follows; ( I can’t post a picture of the post.)

Did you know that there are men,
Who have assaulted & raped women housed in U.K. women’s prisons because they claim to be women?
Did you know that groups are going into schools & telling kids they can ‘choose’ wether to be a boy or a girl & that these groups receive children in need and lottery funding??
Did you know that proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act will mean that a man is allowed into women’s spaces (changing rooms, sports teams, swimming sessions) just by declaring himself to be a woman?
Want to know more? CHECK OUT
@Man FRIDAY,@transgenderTrd @womans_place_uk @resisters @lillylilymainard @ sexfenderethics”

So...they have made the point that they think this is not acceptable. Also that is transphobic. They have asked anybody who sees the posters to remove them.
I commented that I didn’t think it was transphobic, because it contained no openly aggressive or hateful rhetoric. I then decided to follow the twitter link thingies and have a read to see what was all the fuss about. Still not finding anything phobic. I went back to the Facebook page and said- I’ve followed the links which (briefly) amongst other things talk about how women are worried about giving away their safe spaces to trans men who may be attracted to women depending on their nature. Like toilets changing rooms etc.
So there followed me being told I must be transphobic. Because I had that worry. That even just wondering about wether it was safe to allow trans men into women’s private spaces was transphobic. I wasn’t happy but I didn’t get abusive. I replied with a link to Jenifer James’s campaign. They hid my comments, and then named me. Then went on to say I was disgusting. Transphobic, and a bigot. Nobody had any idea what I had actually said as it was hidden. Luckily as I was the first to speak I was able to delete my first comment and stop myself being painted as some kind of head case.
A day or so later I decided now that I was feeling a bit freaked out at feeling I’d been shut down harshly so I had a look on the Feminism activism page. First visits there I posted what had happened. Have a look at the thread about posters popping up there.

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Carrrotsandcauliflower Sun 19-Aug-18 22:21:38

Ugh it’s late sorry reposted in wrong bit.

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MrsFogi Sat 15-Sep-18 23:26:17

Did you do this in the end @Carrotsandcauliflower? I hope that #StickerWoman and all her little helpers continue to cover Bromley and the surrounding areas so that awareness is raised. Anyone who wants to know what this is about should google StickerWoman or take a look at Fair Play for Women.

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