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Moving from the USA to Manchester

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taligrm Sun 19-Aug-18 16:57:27

We intend to move to Manchester in the near future.
My husband is a java developer, so first we’ll need to know if Manchester is a good place for computer/tech companies for him?
Next, we have 3 boys, one will need primary school. We are Jewish, but King David seems too religious to me, so we’ll want other good options, hopefully ones that are secular (not church-based, not religion based, respecting all relgions etc...). I’m a preschool teacher here, is there an option to find work in a preschool, and have my 2 small boys with me? They will be 3 and 4 but October&December births so another year for both before any discount I guess...
thanks all for any tips. I forgot to mention it would be great to be somewhere near a costco wholesale 😉

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