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Saffon Walden

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Veglib Tue 14-Aug-18 22:25:16

Hi, my husband and 2 children are looking to relocate from Royston to Saffron Walden, as my dd starts school next year and the schools seem to be very good. If we move into the town (and this very much depends on how much we can sell our house for as although we can borrow more it is more expensive to buy) then which areas should we avoid? Are there any dodgy bits?

Are there many parent and baby groups? Is it easy to fit into local life? Is the commute to the station ok by bike or bus?

I'd also like to know which schools are the best- RAB and Katherine Semar seem to look good, but are there any others? We would also consider Gt Chesterford but I'm not sure which secondary school the primary would feed into and a bit less keen on a faith school.

Sorry for all the questions, husband isn't overly keen but I want to give our children a good start and it would be great to have some feedback from those who live/commute from there.

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