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Asquith Richmond Day Nursery, nurseries and childcare cost - Richmond

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noemiemich Tue 14-Aug-18 13:05:05

We have just moved to Richmond and have started looking for childcare for my sons (3 year old and a baby who will start nursery in 2019).
I am in utter shock at the cost of childcare here and completely panicked to have moved in an area we apparently cannot afford.
The nursery near us is Asquith Richmond Day Nursery and after visiting it we were told that for 5 days a week the monthly cost is 2000 GBP for the baby and 1900 GBP for our 3 year old.
I am completely freaking out as I did not expect such prices. The Bright Horizon nursery in Canary Wharf is 1800 GBP for a baby and 1500 GBP from 2 year old and above. I thought Canary Wharf was expensive because it was so central so I expected a lower price outside of London.
I just don't understand how it's possible to afford such expensive childcare. My husband and I both work and earn normal to decent salaries but apparently not enough!
Does anyone have a recommendation for less expensive nurseries in Richmond or nice childminders?
Thank you very much.

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