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Surrey Lofts

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Howes Mon 13-Aug-18 21:19:07

We are about to agree a contract with Surrey Lofts and I would like some independent reviews. Any advice if anyone has used them? Or if anyone has any other contractors they can recommend who can manage the project from beginning to end.

Epsom25 Fri 11-Jan-19 12:30:26

Hello, I just came across your post and wanted to see how your loft conversion went with Surrey Lofts? Did you experience any problems? who would you recommend? Thank you in advance.

Howes Wed 19-Jun-19 20:13:37

Sorry Epsom25 they were awful
Hope you didnt end up using them. They have only just finished but it was horrific!

daddykelly Mon 14-Oct-19 00:29:33

Hi Howes! We're having terrible trouble with SL. What were the issues you had?

Howes Mon 14-Oct-19 16:10:31

Hi daddykelly. Everything they were awful. Planning permission we had to sort. They constructed one of the rooms half a meter too small. They charged us an extra pounds to install a shower despite it being on plans. We went away for two weeks and came home to a bomb site. None of our furniture was covered. House was destroyed we had to koved out a further two weeks. They whole process was awful and the project manager was useless and pointless. Would not ever use them again nor recommend them. I keep meaning to review them. Mark hasnt replied to my complaints. Hope you get it resolved. The whole thing was poorly managed and stressful. Good luck.

daddykelly Mon 14-Oct-19 18:41:36

Thank you! I think I'm going to end up having to take them to court....

Howes Mon 14-Oct-19 19:20:46

Oh gosh what have the done / not done. Do please update hopefully we can prevent other people suffering the same. The whole thing was exhausting!

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