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Independent primary schools - Purley/South Croydon

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rosettesforjill Mon 13-Aug-18 15:15:18


Does anyone have any recommendations for independent primary schools in Purley/South Croydon/within a reasonable distance given two full time working parents? We have one decent state primary which I think we are in catchment for, but would have the means to consider private and I'd like to look at all options!

Thank you smile

rosettesforjill Mon 13-Aug-18 15:17:38

Just to add - if anyone has any strong opinions on state primaries as well, I'd be keen to hear them!

Eminado Sat 24-Nov-18 23:32:16

Cumnor House?

ajw88 Thu 29-Nov-18 11:28:38

My eldest went to Cumnor House nursery and I loved it! Wish we could have afforded to send him there.

Girl or boy?

Old palace and croydon high for girls.
Oakwood and st Davis are both mixed.

State primaries - The further out of Croydon you go, the better they tend to be. Beaumont is top of the tables at the moment and had lots of praise recently. Woodcote I've heard good things about and happy parents. Others in Coulsdon I've heard good things too (st johns I think it is?)

rosettesforjill Fri 30-Nov-18 21:55:18

@ajw88 thank you! We've got a boy. I think we've basically decided to go for state at KS1 then relook at it for KS2.

Beaumont we have never been in catchment for unfortunately, despite it being our second closest school! We would have theoretically got into Woodcote last year though so taking a look at that before the January deadline.

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