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Transport from Pulborough to Horsham for 16 year old

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Shaloolah Mon 13-Aug-18 14:03:49

Hi, my 16 year old daughter is about to start Collyer's SIxth Form College in Horsham. She will be travelling from Pulborough Train station to Horsham. I'm struggling to work out the cheapest way to do this. Does she get a young person's railcard (£30) or a Sussex Student Card which I believe gives a third off season tickets. Anyone out there have any advice / answers? Thank you!

SpicyTomatos Mon 13-Aug-18 14:09:04

It depends how many times a week she will be going and whether the fare is more than £12. Most likely a season ticket for the duration of the term with 1/3 off is going to better.

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