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sq34 Sun 12-Aug-18 10:46:09

Hi neighbours,

Merton Council is bringing in changes to rubbish collection, starting October 2018. Don't know if everyone's aware of these changes, but in summary, they will now be collecting fortnightly, instead of weekly and every household will be given 2 wheelie bins to store.

Depending on your type of property and accumulated household waste this will have a big impact.

Ugly. For those without either side or rear access to their properties, like many of the terraced houses in the area, will have to store these wheelie bins on their front gardens. However big or small your front garden might be, this will not only destroy the look of our lovely streets but cause damage to your garden - particularly grassed areas.

Smell. With the change moving to fortnightly, 2 weeks worth of non-recyclable rubbish (excluding food waste, which will still be collected weekly) will need to be stored in your wheelie bins. Nappies. Incontinence pads. Sanitary towels. Any non-recyclable containers which will undoubtedly still contain remnants of food. For many people in terraced houses, these will be stored right outside your living room window. Imagine having all your windows open, especially during the warmer weather.

Pests. With your windows open, it won't only be the smell causing issues. Flies. Maggots. Please read this article about a borough in Lecister where these changes have been brought in, causing a massive maggot issue.

Money. One thing we know - the Council will not be paying to maintain our front gardens after the grass is undoubtedly ruined and nor will we be getting a reduced council tax rate for this reduced level of service. No-one apparently knows where the proposed money saved will be spent and on what, and the Veolia team aren't sure of the cost of the new wheelie bins to the Council, if you can believe it.

Many of us are deeply concerned about the impact this will have. We are trying to raise awareness to either stop the changes going ahead or come up with a better solution for all involved.

A petition was created in July by a local resident and is being circulated. If you agree with the above and want to get involved, please can you sign it and if possible share it with anyone you know.

Thanks so much!

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