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Town of Wem, Shropshire - your thoughts!

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molly2014 Sun 12-Aug-18 09:46:06

Hi all, we are a young family living in Shrewsbury looking to move to a slightly larger house within our budget. We have spotted a beautiful house in Wem but no idea what it’s like. We have driven through Wem on a Sunday afternoon and to be honest the night street looked a bit shabby but can’t be sure what’s it’s really like. Anyone living / working in Wem know much about this town , it’s school, daycare nurseries, travel links, pubs, supermarkets, distances from shopping in general. We can get a relatively large house for our money compared to shrewsbury but have no idea what life is like in rural Wem. Thanks for your thoughts in advance smile

coffeekittens Wed 10-Oct-18 22:43:31

Not sure if you’re still looking but I used to live in Wem (6 years ago) when my DD was a baby as it was cheaper than Shrewsbury. I found it extremely unwelcoming and a very “village people” vibe, that’s the only way I can describe it. So so unwelcoming. There is also not a lot to do I find it very out in the sticks (although about 10 miles from Shrewsbury or Whitchurch for your big super market) I moved as quickly as I could which is a shame as my house was beautiful.

There’s a co-op and lots of charity shops, that’s about it. A train hourly (or it was, may be 2 hourly now) to either Shrewsbury (south) or Whitchurch (north). There’s a really expensive petrol station about 2/3 miles away. I can’t say anything for pubs or nurseries as I didn’t use either but I found the sure start group very unwelcoming as I wasn’t local. The doctors surgery was very efficient that’s the only positive thing that I could say really 🤷🏼‍♀️.

molly2014 Thu 11-Oct-18 07:46:11

Thanks coffeekittens, we found it derelict and lacking all the facilities that Shrewsbury so generously offers. I had trouble finding a place to have lunch after the house viewing whereas in Shrewsbury we are spoilt for choice. Nurseries, school and shopping would be my main concerns but I didn’t find it satisfactory so we have abandoned the idea of moving. I have to say the house was absolutely beautiful. An American family was moving back and they had improved the house so beautifully it makes me sad to have lost it but hey ho! You can’t makeup for half hearted amenities either, I think I’ve saved myself bother some way down the road. X

coffeekittens Thu 11-Oct-18 08:25:23

Although houses are cheap in Wem it is for a reason, I found myself travelling to Shrewsbury most days so spending more on petrol etc than I was saving living there. Shrewsbury is fab I love being surrounded by shops and cafes but having beautiful country side and etc so close by!

TallulahBetty Sat 27-Oct-18 21:25:15

Avoid Wem!

ClarabellaCTL Tue 06-Nov-18 13:40:50

There's a reason you get a lot of house for your money in Wem. We live in a nearby village and when we were looking to move to a bigger house we were tempted by the prices in Wem. I'm glad now we decided not to go there.

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