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Moving from N.London - any tips on nice towns commutable to Chatham and Central London??

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biscottie Fri 10-Aug-18 16:50:07


My husband and I are thinking about moving out of London to Kent, but as we've lived in North London for years and don't know the county we need some help to decide where!

Does anyone have advice on where's nice - a town NOT a village?? Obvs decent schools and ideally with a nice high street with shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs etc...

It would need to be max an hour train from London, which is where I work, and also less than 60 mins drive to Chatham, where my husband works. There's a possibiity that he'll move back to London for work in the next 5 years, which would mean the two of us commuting into London. So we need to think about balancing travel costs too....

So many things to take into account! confused It feels quite daunting so any advice would be appreciated! smile

MissLingoss Fri 10-Aug-18 16:59:44

Rochester is next door to Chatham. Good train connections to London. Lots of pubs and restaurants. You'd have to go further afield for shopping trips. Bluewater is not far, or Canterbury.

You'd also be within easy reach of the coast, for days out.

Gravesend and Dartford are nearer to London, but I wouldn't choose to live in either of them.

Kent and Medway are grammar school areas.

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