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Primaries near Fulwell - advice for in-year transfers!!

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melf76 Mon 06-Aug-18 11:14:00

Hello, We are mid-move to Fulwell Road and I have 2 girls going in to Y3 & Y6.
It's too late to visit schools (we were looking elsewhere until the holidays started!) and I'm sure it'll be a case of "we'll go where there's space", and possibly 2 different schools if needs be BUT as I have to put schools in order of preference, I thought I'd request input on our 3 nearest!
To complicate things, my eldest is super-bright and needs lots of challenge (but only has Yr 6 to go) whereas my littley has been average/below though catching up (summer babe) and obvs has 4 years of primary to go... We're moving from Bristol, planning for Waldgrave for secondary...but primaries first so...

STANLEY ROAD - the recent Ofsted seems to have been a shock - were parents shocked? Are you happy with the school? Are kids suitably challenged? Has building work finished and are the facilities/outdoor space good?

ST MARY & ST PETER - we're not religious - will it matter? The Ofsted is fab but very old - do parents think it would retain its 1 if spot-checked? I've heard rumours of "over-crowding" - fair or no?? How would you rate the facilities & outdoor space?

HAMPTON HILL JUNIOR - am worried we'd be a little "out" of the community as imagine most of our road is Stanley but on paper it looks amazing - any reality checks from HHJS parents? Facilities & outdoor space? Clubs look good and breakfast club at 7:30m will be helpful...

Lastly, my 10 year old is tennis-mad, and my 7 yr old a keen gymnast...any recommendations for local clubs?

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. I'm off to clear out half our belongings to charity and hope the girls don't notice...

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