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moving to Hassocks/lewes or brighton

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lisec Sat 04-Aug-18 14:58:26

Hello, I really need some advice from people who live in Hassocks or Lewes or nearby about secondary schools. We're moving to the area from Manchester for work and to be near to friends in Brighton .We had a look at the secondary school catchments and lottery system in brighton and got v stressed so decided to look just outside brighton instead in case the schools were easier to get into. . We had a look around both Hassocks and Lewes last weekend and liked both ( train to London and Brighton but near countryside etc. ) Our daughter is ten so we need to be thinking about secondary schools and Downlands in Hassocks looks good . Has anybody got any insider info or experience of it and what its like that could be helpful ? Also thought about Priory school Lewes but when I went on a lewes forum somebody described it as a bearpit ??? In Lewes ?! anyway any local advice really welcome about schools and living in both areas :-) our daughter is quite sensitive , arty and a bit nerdy so we really want to find a school that she would fit into ! Thanks

ProperLavs Sat 04-Aug-18 15:03:42

I live in Lewes and all my dc are either at or have been at Priory. the head is excellent and it is heavily over subscribed. It is good school with really excellent pastoral care and has just had a good Ofsted.
Please don't go on Lewes forum it is a God-awful place where there is nothing but bitching and fighting. You certainly won't get a realistic picture from listening to people on there.
Lewes is a fab town, very unique, but don't come here unless you like bonfire.
There are 2 other secondary schools just outside lewes, both are decent. They are smaller than Priory so your daughter might prefer a smaller school. There is also a private school in town.

ProperLavs Sat 04-Aug-18 15:05:43

BTW you won't get int Priory if you live further away unless you go on the waiting list, as I said it is heavily over-subscribed. People have been known to move into Lewes from quite a way away just to get their children in.

lisec Sat 04-Aug-18 15:39:52

Thanks ProperLavs that's really good to know Re Priory school we loved Lewes when were there , lovely people etc a bit eccentric so I was confused by some of the posts on that forum ! . Is one of the other schools Chailey ? a friend suggested it as it was small and has a good reputation. I was a bit concerned it may be too far away ..can you get in there living in Lewes ? do most people in Lewes tend to choose Priory Thanks !

ProperLavs Sat 04-Aug-18 15:43:40

The lewes children go to one of 4 schools.
Priory- most of them go here.
Ringmer, which is a bus ride out, not far
Chailey which is a little further but still as bus ride
lewes old grammar which is private and in the centre of town.

I don't know where all the people on that forum come from. lewes is a really friendly town and good size. It has become hugely popular with Londoners who have moved down and really pushed the prices up though. It's not a cheap place to live.
asI say- if you come here you have to like bonfire. look it up. No where else does anything like it.

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