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LaFontaine Academy Help

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AGA007 Mon 23-Jul-18 11:33:51


So my DD finally got a place at LaFontaine Academy and would be starting September in year 2. Since the schools are already closed for the summer I was hoping if any of the mums can please help me with understanding some of the basics.

1. Am I suppose to buy the book bag also from the school or can my daughter use her own school bag?

2. Is she allowed to take packed lunch from home?

3. How crowded it gets in the mornings and afternoons at dropoff and pickup time. Any suggestions please?? I have been told to use the Canon street entrance.

4. Does school have any lunch clubs also or there are only the paid after school clubs?

5. Anyone driving from Orpington? How bad can the traffic get in the mornings?

6. Anyother information that may help us with the transition.

I hope to get some help from LFA mums.


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