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Idle to live

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shedandheidi Wed 18-Jul-18 18:30:01

Hi I am considering a council home swap to Idle in Bradford. My house is too small and this house has everything I could want. Plus it is by far the best offer out of a bad bunch, my other option was Crossgreen in Leeds.
The house looks nice and my new job is quite near. Could anyone shed any light on the area? In particular;
My family are mixed race British and African is there any issues I should be aware of?
I have done my research and much of Bradford appears to be no go areas, can it be that bad? Is Idle considered a no go area?
Ideally I want somewhere quiet that I can buy one day. Any info you can give me would be great, thanks

IGiorni Sun 05-Aug-18 11:19:08

Idle’s a nice place to live. There’s a big African community on one of the estates and I’ve never known any of them have any issues. I don’t live far and I work in the area.

Numberonecook Sat 29-Sep-18 23:11:48

Idle is a lovely place to live and the schools are excellent smile

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